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Nicollet Executive Alliance Program
Businesses and Foundations

Nicollet Executive Alliance Program

Nicollet Investment Management offers a unique service to corporations. It's called the Nicollet Executive Alliance Program, and it puts our best thinking to work for the leaders in your organization. With this program, you provide your top executives with the benefit of private professional investment planning and management. At the same time, your organization can benefit from our tax-efficient strategy for managing your deferred compensation plan: Nicollet's Active Tax Management Strategy.

The Nicollet Strategic Active Tax Management Strategy

Central to our Nicollet Executive Alliance Program, the Nicollet Strategic Active Tax Management Strategy is a powerful tax-efficient solution for corporate nonqualified deferred compensation plans. It maximizes the value of this important corporate asset, and is available as a stand-alone strategy or can be offered as a more complete service through the Nicollet Executive Alliance Program.

The Nicollet Strategic Active Tax Management Strategy uses proprietary computer modeling techniques to construct a portfolio that can mirror any well-known market index such as the S & P 500. Simultaneously, the strategy will aggressively realize capital losses, which are immediately available to the corporation to reduce its current income tax. By integrating index returns with valuable tax benefits, we help you maximize the value of this corporate asset.

The Nicollet Strategic Active Tax Management Strategy is an effective tool for anyone who can use capital losses to offset capital gains and seeks stock market returns. When offered with the Nicollet Executive Alliance Program, we can help your executives transition out of low-cost basis stock positions with fewer tax costs.

Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans

Deferred compensation plans help your company recruit and retain key executives, and can become an integral part of your key executives' retirement package. Current rules on qualified retirement planss such as 401(k) plans, limit the total amount of deferred savings a key executive can make in any one year. A nonqualified plan allows your top talent to defer additional compensation.

Personal Investment Management

The Nicollet Executive Alliance Program combines Nicollet's Strategic Active Tax Management Strategy with our personalized investment management services. Our investment management services are offered to key executives as an additional benefit for participation in the nonqualified deferred compensation plan.

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