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How Nicollet is Different
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Portfolio Management
Individuals and Families

Your interests always come first.

Every family can benefit when they plan their finances. Whether you need income or are preparing for college expenses, a new home, or retirement, planning is essential. We develop an investment strategy specifically aligned to your financial goals, whatever your stage of life.

When you have taken the time to establish an investment plan, you want it applied to all your investments. We cannot manage some accounts, such as retirement plan accounts including 401(k)s. We know these accounts are critical to your financial future, so we make recommendations that help you align them with your entire portfolio. Our fees, however, only apply to the accounts we manage.

We are organized so that every professional at Nicollet Investment Management becomes involved with each client. We do not assign our clients to a single professional within the firm, but work with our clients as a team. We meet regularly to review client portfolios and make sure that all our professionals are up to date on each client's portfolio.

Our clients benefit from the shared expertise of our entire professional staff.

What we're not.

Nicollet Investment Management is a unique investment management service. There are countless firms selling investment and financial advisory services. We are different because we are experienced investment analysts and portfolio managers who work directly with clients.

Who we are.

We are registered investment advisors and invest in individual stocks and bonds on your behalf. We will advise you on your complete financial situation, even though we may be managing only some of your accounts. We will always strive to go above and beyond portfolio management to help you achieve your financial goals.

How we work with our clients.

When you work with Nicollet Investment Management, your investments are made in your own accounts. If we are managing stocks for you, we will buy the common stock shares directly in your account(s). Likewise, if we are buying bonds for you, we buy individual bonds for your investment account(s).

We do not custody our clients' investments. Instead, our clients keep their accounts with a bank or brokerage firm (a custody agent) that works with Nicollet.

Our clients receive immediate confirmation of all activity in their accounts; any time we buy or sell an investment, they receive notice. The custody agent also provides monthly statements. All our clients can access their account information through the custody agent's website, or by calling us. We send quarterly reports with more detailed information about your complete portfolio.

As our client, we are also always available to meet with you; our door is always open.

Find out what to expect the first time you meet with us.