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Bonds/Fixed Income

Bonds provide income, stability, and diversification, and have a place in nearly everyone's portfolio, especially as retirement nears. Often the interest income paid by bonds is used to supplement a client's income needs. Bonds should also be used when your portfolio grows to a value that assures your financial security. A high-quality bond portfolio can provide stability to your investment portfolio and should be a part of your investment plan.

At Nicollet Investment Management, we customize each of our clients' bond investments to their specific needs. We begin by determining the type of bonds that are appropriate for you, and bonds that provide you with the best income after taxes.

We "ladder" your bonds. When building a ladder of bonds, we divide the total dollars to be committed to bonds into smaller amounts. Individual bonds are then purchased with each bond maturing at a different time in the future, which provides some protection from changing interest rates. Bond maturities can also fund large expenses, such as college tuition, or a new car. We will customize your bond portfolio to ensure you have the cash you need when you need it.

We also consider the overall interest rate environment when building our clients' bond portfolios. We watch the fluctuations in the interest rates paid on taxable verses tax-exempt bonds, and the difference in rates paid on the high quality bonds verses rated investment grade bonds. We work to buy our clients the best bonds available given their needs.

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