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Consistent Growth and Diversification

We structure your personal investment plan to reflect your need for growth and income and match your willingness to assume investment risk. The plan we create together is our guide to building and then managing your portfolio.

When you work with Nicollet Investment Management, you invest directly in fixed-income securities such as bonds, large company stocks, and mid- and small-capitalization stocks. These three key investment strategies are available to all our clients.

In some circumstances, we may also recommend mutual funds. Typically, mutual funds are used for unique needs, such as an account earmarked for your children's education. A mutual fund is appropriate when the assets available in these accounts are too small to build a cost-effective portfolio of individual stocks.

These investment strategies give us the flexibility to address the needs of all our clients. We can build very conservative income-producing portfolios, or aggressive growth-oriented portfolios. Our investment strategies also allow us to change the risk profile of our client's portfolio as their needs change.

When planning a client's investment portfolio, we start with a capital preservation component to fund shorter-term cash needs and generate income. Fixed-income securities form the portfolio's foundation for these needs. We will then allocate to stocks only those funds that will not be needed for years.

We handle all purchase and sale decisions in accounts we manage for you. We will keep your money invested according to your investment plan.

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