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Step by step to a flexible plan that works for you.

Whether you are looking for a manager to work with all your accounts or just a few, we develop a plan that integrates your entire financial picture.


We begin with an initial evaluation of your assets, your spending, and your needs. We carefully balance the cost of your lifestyle and any large planned expenses with existing and potential savings.

Next, we analyze your current investment portfolio. Too often investments are scattered across a number of accounts and the overall picture is neglected. We analyze the big picture by looking at your entire portfolio.

As investment managers, we also look at the individual investments you have made and point out anything that may cause us concern. Through a comprehensive review of your portfolio, we may discover a single investment that is too large, a risky concentration in a single industry, or holdings of troubled companies.


With a focus on the key events in your life, we help you translate your life goals into an investment plan that will help you achieve those goals. Whether you are saving for your children's college expenses or preparing for retirement, we develop a plan that is personalized to your lifestyle and your future.

You will be involved throughout the planning process. Typically, we meet several times with a prospective client while a plan is being developed and discuss choices for each element of the investment plan. A plan is finalized only when you approve it.


No matter how many accounts you have, they all have a single purpose – to meet your financial goals. We can manage your multiple accounts as a single consolidated portfolio.

We will also advise you on accounts you may not be able to hire us to manage, such as 401(k) savings.


Most of our new clients come to us with a portfolio invested in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or annuities. Existing investments will probably need to be reconfigured to align with your goals. This often means selling some or all of your existing investments.

We examine your current portfolio for things such as unrealized capital gains, and costs. We carefully analyze the existing portfolio and look for efficient ways to transition your investments. Based on what we learn we develop a transition plan for you. You approve this plan before we proceed. Depending on your situation and preferences, the transition can take anywhere from several days to several years.

We are also striving to create innovative solutions for tax-efficient portfolio transitions. Nicollet now offers our clients with concentrated low-cost stock holdings a tax-efficient means to transition into a more diversified investment strategy. You can read more about this strategy in Concentrated Stock Positions.

Learn more about how we work with you over the long term.